Dynamic modeling and simulation of the wastewater treatment plant operation, whichever the process designed is applied.
General contracting for equipment procurement.
Monitoring/operation services for sewerage and water supply systems.
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Our company has all the required certifications in compliance with the Romanian and European laws.
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PARCIS, established by Prof. Victor Ianuli, PhD and his son Stelian Ianuli, PhD, PE in 1991 is one of the top Romanian consulting companies in the field of Sanitary Engineering and Environment Protection. Since that moment, the company has progressively grown, becoming one of the leaders among the consulting companies in Romania.
PARCIS team consists of engineers, experts, researchers and technicians with a wide range of experience, high professional skills which create the premises of a high quality and professionalism standard.

Our private and public customers request our expertise which covers a wide range of services: design, engineering, project management, laboratory testing for technologies and equipments for water supply, water treatment, sewerage systems and domestic/municipal/industrial wastewater treatment.
Parcis was the first Romanian consulting company which designed/applied the biological treatment and aerobic sludge digestion for Predeal wastewater treatment plant using biological rotating contactors based on Stählermatic technology.
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Our company main projects, since its establishment, are mainly focused on solving the engineering problems for the water supply, domestic, municipal and industrial wastewater collection and treatment. Among the over 250 projects prepared by Parcis Company since 1991 and today, we can emphasize:

Our partners support us in giving us reliable and innovative solutions.
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